Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pit Bull Pwned

On my home from visiting family members who live out in the country, I came upon a minivan that was just barely rolling along the road. As I slowed my own vehicle to assess the situation, I realized that the van had stopped to avoid hitting a dog in the lane. The dog, black with a white chest and a determined grin on his face, was running circles around the van and carelessly darting into the road. I came to a stop across from the van and rolled down my window to talk to the van driver and passenger, who told me that the dog had been following them for almost a mile. They had asked at a few of the houses along the street, but no one knew to whom the dog belonged.

While we were talking the dog began to take an interest in me, leaping up to put his paws on my door and demand my attention. The van occupants and I continued discussing what best to do with the eager pup. He wore no collar but definitely seemed like he was accustomed to being around people.

The dog, apparently, felt our discussions were too lengthy. He unexpectedly leapt through my open driver-side window and made himself at home in my passenger seat. I sat there, shocked and stutteringly speechless, for a few moments before realizing that I was obviously supposed to do something for him.

With the dog lounging comfortably in my car as though he knew me of old, I tried to assemble a plan. Taking him home was not an option. Although I love most animals, when it comes to pets I am a cat person. We have a very territorial tomcat who thinks nothing of facing off against much larger animals, and we live in a rather small home in a busy urban area. I texted my husband a photo of my passenger.

He texted back, "Oh my god, it's a pit bull."

Uhhh.... wha? A pit bull? Those notoriously aggressive dogs that you hear horror stories about? No way. Not this adorably sweet and incredibly well behaved little guy. No joke, this dog was so good natured and gorgeous that I was developing a little canine crush.

I called the Humane Society. Closed. I called the county shelter. They were open for another hour. I figured if I took him there, they could at least check him for a microchip. So away we went. It was a thirty-minute drive to the shelter, and pooch spent most of the time lounging against my arm in the passenger seat and occasionally licking my hand. I let him drink water from the tiny cap of my Sigg bottle, and he cooled off in front of the AC vent. It was a lovely ride.

Thankfully, when we arrived at the shelter, he did have a chip. They called his owners who, hopefully, will pick him up on Monday.

I'm going to call and check up on him anyway.

Update: He was claimed by his owners! Yay!!    

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